Class 8 assignment

English assignment Class 8 answer for 2nd week 2021,  

English assignment Class 8 answer: This is the season of assignment. from Class 6 to Class 9, every class students busy time with assignment. but among them English assignment Class 8 is very important for students. Student looking for Class 8 assignment English,English assignment for class 8,  English assignment answer Class 8.  2nd week assignment Class 8 question & solution etc. With view to helping the students we will provide Class Eight English assignment question and answer. To get this golden this article carefully. 

English assignment Class 8

 English Assignment for class Eight

As the rate of corona infection is increasing day by day, there are fears about the opening of educational institutions. No one can say when it will be opened. In this situation, the government has started taking assignments to keep the secondary level students in touch with their studies. DSHE supervise this work. The assignment, which started on March 20, will continue for the next three months. Sixth to 8th grade students will have to submit assignments on eleven subjects. Where 14 for 9th and 10th class including group subjects.

 Class Eight English Assignment 

Among eighth grade assignments, students are quite apprehensive about math and English. Because in our country’s education system from an early age students are scared that English and math are quite difficult. Moreover, Some people think  English is  foreign language so it doesn’t necessity for us. On the other-hand A little number of  English teachers at the village level, which goes without saying. As a result, the students are now afraid of  English assignments because students from all over the country are taking part in these assignments. There is no such thing as a village or a city.


2nd week class 8 assignment 

Assignments on Bengali and religion were given in the first week of class VI to VIII. The second week assignment is English. Assignments in the second week of eighth grade have become quite difficult for the students. They can take classes, but have to take exams or give. Because of Corona, there is no tutor at home, which is why English is a new subject for them. That’s why students are very worried about the second week assignment of eighth grade.

English assignment Class 8

class 8 assignment answer English

After publishing  assignment question  for Class 8, we will provide the answer in due time. until stay with us.

 English assignment Class 8

Class 8 assignment answer

Class 8 assignment


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