Chittagong university CU admission test 2020-21 circular has not published yet. The authority has already announced they published the circular as soon as possible of its official website If you’re applicant and want to know the process of examination, eligibility, marking system ect. You are in right place. We provided CU admission test 2020-21 ins and outs in this article.      

Chittagong University

Chittagong University is a public university.It was established in 1986 in Hathazari upazila of Chittagong district.  It is the biggest university in the Bangladesh by its  aria. According to the University grant commission report of 2019  the university has about 26,739 students and 872 teachers.

CU admission test 2020-21 Requirement

We have already confirmed you that university authoirty not published Cu admission test 2020-21 circular yet. So we provided the this information from last year admission circular. some of our source in CU administration  told us that Examination system change possibilty is very poor. Exam will held like last year.  

Although CU admission test -2021 notice has not published yet, the university authority gives a guideline for the requirement of admission test. CU admission test will held under six units including two sub-units. Unit wise requirement is different. Unit wise seat, subject, application fee details are given bellow .

CU admission test 2020-21 A unit (Science)

Science Faculty is under this unit, More or less ten departments in this unit. The student who has passed HSC in 2020, is eligible for  apply. The  Requirement GPA for this unit is 7.50 out of 10 and Individual 3.50 in both SSC and HSC. The Students who pass  HSC in 2020 can apply this unit.










**Application for each unit its take  550 taka.

Unit B (Arts)

Generally B unit is known as Faculty.  this unit has two part. one is B and the other is B1.  the requirement for this unit total 6.50 out of 10 in base of HSC and SSC result. B unit contain Bangla, English,  social science ect. the subunit B1 contain fine arts, music, dramtics.  To apply for this unit  minimum GPA 3.25 in HSC & SSC particularly.  they need GPA 7.00. total out of 10.

CU admission test 2020-21 C unit (IBA)

C unit is most competitive. it is known  as Faculty of Business Administration. nowadays business faculty  become more  attractive to applicants. it gives opportunity to get job in world bank, Bangladesh bank. the  requirement of this unit for application  7.50 out of 10,  3.50 is  individually.

D unit (Social Science Faculty)

Generally d unit is known as Faculty of Social Science. this unit has a subunit too. which is known as D1. D unit contain political science, Mass communication and journalism, folklore ect. the  requirement for this unit (D)  application  7.00 out of 10,  3.250is  individually. D1 unit applicant have to obtain GPA 2.50 individually in SSC & HSC while  total   GPA 6.00 out 10.

E unit ( Law)

people said CU law department  is best all over the country. as after completing the graduation from this department a students easily get job opportunity.  At the amid of  creating  the quality full lawyer this faculty was established. For application A student obtain requirement is 6.00 out of 10 and 2.75 particularly. 

F unit (Biological)

F unit contain   Faculty of Biological Science. Generally the student who take preparation for medical admission test they do well.  the students who are weak in math but good at biology they doing good in this unit. the requirement of this unit  7.00 in total GPA out of 10.  and 3.00 in each SSC and HSC.



 G  Unit ( Faculty of Engineering )

The requirement of this unit application Total GPA 7.00 out of 10  and 3.00 is individually  in HSS and SSS. it contain like computer science engineering, EEE, ICE Department ect. 

Cu admission test 2020-21 Application process


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