Class 8 Bangla assignment answer 1st week 2021, Bangla, English 

Class 8 Bangla assignment answer 2021: We know that Class is going on online. Students searching Class 8 Bangla assignment answer, syllabus, math assignment class 8, class 8 assignment English, Bangla assignment class 8 , 1st assignment class 8 and so on. For Class 8 students we will provide this assignment in due time.  Beside  1st week class 8 assignment,  class 8 assignment solution also here. So A Class 8 Student get his  assignment each and every week.

class 8

 class 8 assignment 2021 1st week

According to the direction of DSHE Class 8 Assignment 2021 will start from 20 March. 1st week class 8 assignments Start on March 2021. Like other class Class 8 assignment also start from same day.  A total numbers of 13 subjects in class 8. A student has to submit 13 subject assignments on a week. This is so difficult for a Class 8 student.    

Class 8 assignment syllabus

A Class 8 students have to face junior School certificate which is called  JSC or JDC. It’s a public exam and Students and guardian take is as a prestigious exam. So they serious about Class 8 assignment. A specific syllabus also made of Class 8 Student assignment. The syllabus is a policy. where specific institutions or universities or schools required text, rules and regulations are attached in syllabus. Generally it contains the most important information about class and practical’s. Actually a Syllabus refers to an educational system. The syllabus of a institutions school or college first gives its duration. By which it is understood that how long it will be used. Then there is mention the total Marks of total courses. Here also discuss about credit or point for academic year. 


It is decided, how much of a book will be taught and what the topics will be read. A syllabus also tells about the subject to read which book and whose books. In other words the reference books name and authors are given. The last content of a syllabus is grade point calculation. There are given how many marks will be given in each course or subject. So we can say that syllabus is very important   for a student. Because it is the maintain anise guide of a student. If an institutions or University or College or School do not give any syllabus or guidelines. 

class 8 math assignment 

Math is a difficult subject for Class 8 students. Specially Class 8 math assignment is different from other class assignment. we know that the student performance of math in our country is very poor. Generally  Our county students don’t  get a good result in math, although other subject they do well.  In 2021 Secondary education boards give direction for Class 8 Math assignment 2021 on weekly.  If DSHE  authority give Math assignment for Class 8. Our website will be published at fast.We are try to give a best solution to any assignment specially math assignment. Because the student of our country is feared by math. They don’t try to improve to their mathematical knowledge. So we want to solve JSC math assignment exhaustively. So you should stay with us for get any assignment any class six to ten. 


1st week Bangla assignment class Eight

Assignment is a new concept of a student during the corona virus. During corona time, our country education board carry on assignment at secondary school. Specially, JSC (Junior School Certificate) examiners face up a new task which is Class 8 English assignment. Our students very week in English. They afraid about Class 8 English assignment. To released this pressure from class students about English assignment.  We will provide  English assignment question and solution 2021 on weekly. You will get solution to assignment of it at fast as possible. So JSC students please keep an eye on my website and beside with us.


Bangla assignment solution class 8

Bangla is our mother tongue. Being mother tongue most of the students of our country take it easily. As result they miss GPA in this subject while Math and English do well.  Class 8 Bangla assignment is very important Because this year they have to face public exam. Considering this situation we provide Class 8 Bangla assignment question and solution in weekly. 



class 8 assignment solution

As per the notification of the authorities, assignments of 6th to 10th class including 8th class will be taken from March 20. It will continue until the educational institution is opened. Students are already suffering from stress during coronation. With this in mind, we will provide weekly assignment solutions, including the first week of all eighth grade years.

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