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class 7 assignment English answer: The current time is the assignment season for students. Class 7 students searching in google Class 7 assignment English answer, 2021 assignment Class seven 2nd week answer, class 7 english assignment 2021, 2nd week assignment Class 7,  assignment solution for Class 7 and so on. we will provide this question and solution. To get Class 7 Assignment  2nd week answer and others read the article thoroughly and keep in touch. 

class 7 assignment 2021

Assignment program is running from first class to twelfth class. This will continue during the closure of the educational institution due to corona. Although the government has set dates for opening educational institutions at different times, it is not implementing it as the infection is not under control. The holiday of the educational institution started from March last year. After that, the students stayed at home for six months without any study. But when the government saw that the rate of corona infection could be brought under control, it was uncertain.


English assignment 2021 Class 7

Then in October, the Ministry of Education launched online classes in educational institutions. But it was seen that the students could not take part in the class due to internet problem. Decided to take assignments at secondary and higher-secondary level as an alternative. As part of this, the assignment program for three months started from November last year.

Class 7 assignment schedule

class seven assignment english 2nd week

After being closed for a few days, the Ministry of Education informed that the educational institution will reopen this March. But with the tax situation soaring again, the government has backtracked. And launches a new assignment program. Which has started from last March 20. It will continue till the educational institution is opened. The first week had assignments for Bengali and Islam.

Class 7 assingment


class 7 English assignment answer 2nd week

Currently in its second week. English is running this week. We know students in our country are raw in English. As a result, this coronation in Corona has caused them a lot of mental problems. Considering this situation our team oath to provide Class 7 assignment answer as well as other subject.  

  answer assignment

Class 7 English assignment


Class 7 assignment answer

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