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class 7 assignment answer 2021 1st week Bangla & Islam

class 7 assignment 2021 answer 1st week; According To the direction of DSHE  Students Search assignment 2021, class 7 assignment 2021. They also find class 7 assignment answer, assignment class 7 Bangla, class 7 assignment 2021 1st week. Due to corona outbreak students have to stay in house. Research said Students suffer various kind of mental problem. In such situation its very hard to complete assignment in a week. Considering this we provide them Class 7 Assignment 2021 answer 1st week.  

assignment 2021

We know that educational institution are closed due to corona virus. AS a long time institution close students are depart from study. Keep in touch of study Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education DSHE start Assignment program. Its start form 20 March 2021. Assignment process is including Class 6 to class ten. 

Class 7 assignment

 1st week assignment 2021 class 7 

Like other class of Secondary level Class 7 assignment 2021 also start on March 20, 2021. According to the notice of Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education DSHE, Class 7 1st week assignment is Bangla and Islam. Student have submit this assignment in 25 March. But it is too difficult to complete in this short time.


Class 7 assignment schedule

Class 7 assignment Bangla

As Bangla is our mother tongue, our students Don’t take this subject seriously as they do in Mathematics and English. As a result, it is often seen that students get good marks in English, Mathematics and other subjects but do not do well in Bengali. For this reason a students result not good as he/ her expectation. To get Bangla weekly assignment question and solution as well as Bangla home work, Bangla paper etc., Stay with us. We will provide each question in due time.Class 7 Bangla assignment

Class seven 1st week Assignment Islam

Religion is easier than other subjects. There are more people of four religions in our country. Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian. Due to which teachers are kept on these four subjects at the secondary level in our country. Religious education is received as a family. Due to which it gets good marks. Since seventh grade students have to submit assignments in two subjects per week. So we are also solving the question of religion assignment

Class 7 1st week Assignment Answer

Assignments have started to be accepted from March 20 as per the government instructions. In the first week, assignments on two subjects of class seven have to be submitted. These two subjects are Bengali and religion. In general, two things are easier than the other. But during coronation, students suffer from mental problems. In this situation it is difficult for them to do two such assignments. So we are solving these.

Class 7 Bangla assignment answer

Bangla is one of the two subjects of the first week assignment of seventh grade. It seems easy to us that Bengali is our mother tongue but it is not easy. Because grammatical considerations make it quite difficult.




Class seven Islam assignment answer

Class 7 Bangla




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