Class 6 assignment

assignment 2021 class 6 3rd week Math & agriculture answer

3rd assignment class 6 ; 3rd  Assignment Class 6 in 2021 is Math and Agriculture (Krishi) in this week. Class six students all over the country searching the Answer of 3rd week assignment, class 6 Math assignment 2021, assignment 3rd week for class 6 krishi, class 6 assignment answer etc. Our team member try their best to provide this assignment question and answer in due time. to download Class 6 assignment read the article carefully given bellow.

assignment 2021 Class 6

class 6 assignment 2021 answer

With the direction of Bangladesh government,  Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) authority launch assignment program. This program implement from Class 6 to Class 10. Assignment taking program start on March 20, 2021. 1st week assignment was Bangla and Islam. while 2nd week was English and world poricity. To following this now it is going 3rd week assignment. where Students have to submit Math and agriculture solution.

3rd week assignment 2021 class 6

A total number of 11 subjects in Class six. A Class 6 grader have to submit total eleven subjects assignments on 6 week. Following the direction of DSHE, Third Week assignment for six grad students are Math and Agriculture. we know that our students are weak in English & Math. Moreover this year there is no opportunity  to take home tutor who help the students to solve Math. Due to covid-19 outbreak A huge number of students are suffer mental trauma, Researchers said. So It is very difficult to a students do the hard work. 

assignment 2021 Class six

class 6 Math assignment 2021

It has been said before that the students of our country are weak in mathematics. The reason is the lack of skilled teachers in mathematics. In addition, students in the villages consider mathematics as a difficult subject. And in the case of sixth grade, it’s normal to worry about math. Because this is the first step in secondary level. Here the students are introduced to many new subjects in mathematics.



 assignment 3rd week for Agriculture class 6

Such as theorems, edits, algebra, as well as various types of arithmetic. Parents in our country do not have teachers at home for other subjects but for math’s and English. But because of Corona, that is also possible. As a result, it is difficult for students to solve sixth grade math assignments. Besides Math, Agriculture assignment is also there. Although Bangladesh is a major agricultural country, agriculture is not very important in our education system. Most students think that even if it is not an easy subject. Questions can be answered on their own. Besides, teachers do not give much importance. As a result, good researchers are not coming from our agriculture.

assignment 2021 Class 6

class six assignment answer

Dear students our team is working to provide 3rd assignment answer. After solving we will provide and publish here. To get update and latest information about assignment and public university admission test news.  


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